Nevada Baseball Tournament Schedule


Nevada Spring USSSA Baseball Schedule




No games will start before 9:00am Saturday and 9:00am Sunday!

to allow those teams from Kansas City and Springfield

to commute and save hotel expenses!


Tournament​​ Specials:

Early Entry Discount, entry received in

Jan - 20% off

Feb - 10% off​​ 

3 or more entries​​ 15% off (excludes 1/2 price entry)


Slugfest Tournaments : 

The 1st 4 AA teams can enter at 1/2 price.

AA entries are limited and all have sold out for the​​ last 2 years!

AA and AAA may be combined if less than 4 in each division. ​​ If 7 AA teams before a AAA team enters, the tournament will be only open to AA teams


Ring Championship:

USSSA Rings will be given to both 1st and 2nd place team players and coaches


Scorebook Giveaway Weekend:

Each team will get a Champion Diamonds scorebook at Check-in.​​ 


Lineup card Giveaway Weekend:  

Each team will recieve a complimentary Lineup card book at Check-in


Tumbler Giveaway Weekend: 

Each Head coach will​​ recieve a complimentary insulated tumbler at Check-in


Appreciation Give Back:

Each team that entered and played in at least 1 Champion Diamonds tournament this season, will be give a $100 refund check at checkin. ​​ If a team entered a tournament that was rained out they will still be considered a prior entry.


For questions or help with entering please contact Nick @ (417)667-4993


No entry is considered complete unless entry fee is received!

NO Refund or transfer for Slugfest half price​​ tournament fee!

Cancellations less than 2 weeks prior to the tournament will be forfeited.

Cancellations more than 2 weeks will be charged a $50 handling fee.

If a team if changed by the state director to a higher class, a full refund will be sent.

All teams must be USSSA Sanctioned




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