Social Distancing Modifications

Champion Diamonds

Nevada​​ Social Distancing​​ Modifications

May​​ 21, 2020
version : 1



Please copy and distribute to all team players and fans



It is important to remember that participation is elective and any individual who feels uncomfortable

with the setting of an athletic event, should not attend.​​ 

Healthy behavior should always

be observed and does fall on individual responsibility.

Champion Diamonds will not police individual behavior

Hand sanitizer will be placed by concession windows, gate, water cooler.

Fans will need to bring their own PPE if desired.


Gate Entrance

Please check before arrival at the park,​​ 

Gate fees remain $5 Adult, Child (6-12) $3

If you do not wish change, have exact amount ready at entrance

Gates will open 1 hr 30min prior to the 1st​​ game, maintain social distance in line.


Fan Participation

Any fan who does not feel well or has a temperature should as normally be discouraged from attending.

Seating should be brought as lawn chairs and may be placed around the perimeter and outfield​​ while

respecting social distancing..

We will have both concession​​ stand​​ windows running at all times for quick service.

Bathrooms will be sprayed hourly with disinfectant.

Fans will receive a ink stamp on hands for readmission.

Please discourage Sunflower seeds and chewing tobacco.



Team Participation

3 coaches will be allowed per team

Teams are encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer

Additional Seating​​ for players​​ will be provided​​ upon request by team.

When team is home: Limit 1 coach in dugout,​​ ​​ 1 coach outside the dugout​​ and 1 protecting players on outside bench.

If players in dugout are closer than 6 ft, then place in outside seating.

When team is​​ in field: 1 coach in dugout, 1 outside of dugout and 1 protecting players on outside bench.

Only head coach at pregame meeting.

Discourage use of sunflower seeds.

End of game will be at head coach discretion


In the event of a foul ball, players and coaches are asked to position against fence. Unless there is flagrant

Interference …. The play will be called dead without penalty enforced.