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Scores, brackets, rain delays will be posted on this site.

Make sure to follow us on twitter and we will

tweet rain delays, scores, and specials

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Coaches Passes must presented for each admission

Each coach should check-in 1 hour prior to first game.

The following determines how teams will determine seedings from pool play

or if same seeds meet in bracket play for both Baseball and Softball..

1. Won - Loss Record 4. Highest Run Differential +/- 8 max
2. Head to Head 5. USSSA Pts (state only)
3. Fewest Runs Allowed 6. Coin Toss


USSSA Baseball pitching rules are strictly observed. 

USSSA Innings Pitching Chart 8.05 C-1

One Day Max

to Pitch Next Day

One Day Max 3 Day Max


USSSA Baseball Bat rules are observed.

9 to 14under

big barrel

1) Must have a new USSSA mark or

2) Be a wood bat or

3) Have a 1.15BPF or BBCOR marking

High School All bats being used will need the BBCOR mark and have not have a greater length/weight difference than -3.


The higher seeded team is the home team in bracket play,

Tie breaker at end of regulation or time:

........Play begins with last batted out at 2nd with no outs.

Once advancing to 1st tie breaker…..you do not return to previous tie breaker

Head coaches should check in with the tournament director

In the event of rain, the schedule and times may be modified

.......including dropping lower seeded teams,and shortening game times.

Coaches will sign and verify pitching after games.

Once signed, scores pitching will be changed at the discretion of

the tournament director.

After 1st game, be prepared to start 15min early if time allows.


Check back Friday prior to tournament for any Schedule changes!




Updated 7.7.16


Delay: none


Champion Diamonds

Springfield Tournament Schedule


July 16 - 17, 2016
version : 2

follow us on twitter and this site

for any weather updates or schedule changes

USSSA pitching rules in effect

age: 16

Time: 1hr 45min bracket

Championship: 2hr

Innings: 7



Indians Buckner, MO  


Blaze-Foss Leawood, KS


Swackers Ft. Scott, KS  


CG Astros Olathe, KS


Blaze - pattin Olathe, KS  


KC Hitmen Kearney, MO


CG Reds Olathe, KS  


Total Release Olathe, KS
5 CG Orioles Pleasant Valley, , KS        




ties stand in pool play

Field 3

Field 5

Field 6

Field 4

Indians 3

Swackers 10

Blaze - pattin 2

CG Reds 0


Indians 0

CG Orioles 3

Swackers 6

CG Reds 0


Blaze - pattin 8

CG Orioles 2

Blaze-Foss 5

CG Astros 4


CG Astros 2

KC Hitmen 10

Blaze-Foss 1

Total Release 7


KC Hitmen 2

Total Release 4





Field 1

Field 5

Field 6
Field 6

8th Indians 6

9th CG Astros 3




4th KC Hitmen 0

5th CG Orioles 8


3rd Total Release 9

6th Blaze-Foss 1



1st Blaze - pattin 0

vs Wg1 Indians 3


2nd Swackers 7

7th CG Reds 0



Wg4 CG Orioles 8

vs Wg5 Indians 7


Wg2 Total Release 15

vs Wg3 Swackers 2




Wg6 Total Release 5

Wg7 CG Orioles 13




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