Employee Application

2020 Champion Diamonds
Employee Application

Tournament Weekends
start the last weekend in March and go thru the
second weekend in July 
Name: _____________________________  
City: ____________________   Zip: ____________
Home Phone: ______________________
Cell Phone   : ____________________
Email address:_________________________________

Have you previously worked at Champion Diamonds:     Yes   No

Circle positions applying for:      

                    grounds       gate        concession     umpire        
Do you have any conflicts with weekends other than Easter, if so attach with application.

All employees should expect to work every weekend unless previously approved to be absent.


  (umpires list experience in place of names and highest level officiated)

We reserve the right to randomly drug test employees. 

Call if any questions 417-667-4993          
Between 1 and 5pm Mon - Fri 

Mail to:            
Champion Diamonds 
17866 E. Overland Road
Nevada, MO 64772